The Binary Graffiti Club.

The Binary Graffiti Club inspires young people to see the fabric of the city as means to create change. The walls, pavements, and empty spaces are appropriated to express the hopes of our generation. Binary coded messages appear in the streets as unique graffiti artworks. As the project is developing more messages will appear. The idea and core concept is to inspire young people to see the city as a means to create change and to see the environment as their city space, a canvas for expression. 

What mark will you make? Please tell us what you want to see written and coded into the streets. Share with us your thoughts and tell us what you want written and made into graffiti.  Please fill in our survey.

Please take some time to consider your answers. Your answers will be turned into binary (01010) and used for our graffiti and book. Thank you for your time and thoughts. Please answer as many as you can then press submit.

There are 10 questions in this survey.


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What is the first thing you would do if you ran the country.

 Please write a short answer that you would implement straight away that would appear on a poster and become policy.
If you met the Prime Mininster or President of your country what would you tell him or her that you wanted to see happen in the future.

 Please write a short answer that might make a good poster.
If you implemented an environmental idea what would it be?

 Please write a short answer.   
Should education be free for our children?

 Please make a comment. For example is this an investment or just an expenditure. How do you feel?
What do you believe in?

 All responses considered.
If you could invest 300 billion dollars /pounds in something for the future of your country what would it be.

 Invest in .......?
If you wanted to write a statement that can be seen by  everyone that expresses how you feel about the place you live in what would it be?

 Please write a short answer.
Please tell us you how you see the future of technology affecting people.

 Use a few words as possible.
Please tell us how you want to see the world in 50 years so our leaders can make this world possible for you.

 If you have time you can write a longer answer. 100 - 300 words.
Do you believe we live in an equal society?

 Please write 100 - 300 on what would make society more fair and equal (if you have time).