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Binary Graffiti Club.

•  Groups, six groups of four or more (One person with camera designated to document for each group): Two people to hold stencil: One for spraying:

•  You have been given or should get a stencil and chalk spray ( that is non permanent and washes off with rain legal disclaimer)

•  Some spray is white some spray is black

•  Each stencil is different and is a different message

•  Find la ocation suitable for a artwork. IE a large wall or areas of borading . (see examples)

•  Be careful and take your time (but also don't dawdle ) IE get it done. Make it interesting.

•  Find the space and imagine the larger artwork.

•  Imagine a section of the texts (stencils) in a group to make large artwork.

•  YOUR OBJECTIVE is make and image connecting several stencils results together which will result in a larger finished result images. This could involve row of

3 by 2 or four by 3 or even a much larger one four by six etc.

•  Lay the stencil against the wall and spray the chalk over the letters only (not all over the edges).

• Finally take some photos with a good camera and of the team (hoodies up please) and the final artwork and send them via email.

The font for the hoodies is.


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