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This is an ongoing scalable art project for events, festivals, and galleries :-

BOOKINGS CONTACT EMAIL STANZA ...If you want to invite this project to your city get in touch.

WORKSHOPS: How do we create a new world of active ingredients that is politically motivated? We want you to imagine your future, the future of the planet, the future of politics, the future of the city. We want you to imagine changing the world, your city, yourself. The concept is to explore and create new futures. A public engagement process creating and writing a manifesto gathered from the public then translated to binary code. The answers can become customised to your city or specific issue or area of interest. There is already a manifesto made from previous workshops. However the questions can be re-asked in your location and new information and data gathered that informs the project.

GRAFFITI: This is an outdoor series of artworks in the city created by the public who get involved in making art in the city. Participants can use the stencils that are already produced. The sites are sourced, permission is asked and chalk spray paint is used so it washes away and is non permanent unless requested. The option here is either to use the stencils I have or create new ones. Creating new stencils involves first having new workshops.

CHOIR: Public spectacle event. A signing choir as a large scale art performance event. I am looking for more events or site specific locations for the choir. Great for opening events and public engagement. The performance can be customised for example the language of the country is happens in. In fact The Binary Graffiti Choir just performed at CYNETART FESTIVAL live on opening night in German. We had a professional choir then 40 members of the audience joined in on stage all singing 10101 and wearing the hoodies. The choir performed in London in March for SHOW IN THE DARK. In Cardiff in April for DIFFUSION (in Welsh) opening the festival and in Poland in May. (In Polish)

CITYWIDE DATA VISUALISATION: Public spectacle event. This custom software tracks everyone. We own our own data in this project that reclaims the data space. See project The Global Derive. This software has also been redeveloped as os May 2019.

EXHIBITION: of Binary Graffiti Cub material: Large photos. The hoodies, The Manifesto, The Video, The Photos, The Stencils. etc

OTHER public engagement concepts to be discussed with curators. (secret stuff)

BOOK. The images would make a good book. If you want to publish get in touch.

HOODIES. They will be for sale soon...let me know if you want to distribute or bulk buy.

  • The Binary Graffiti Club and related projects are available for exhibitions and public engagement events.
  • Working with groups of people set in various contexts all be wearing the specially made binary hoodies.

About Stanza

This is an arts project by Stanza. Stanza is a London based artist who is interested in the participatory system the 'city' that frames questions within his work opening up conversations about the politics of space. Recurring themes throughout his career include the urban landscape, surveillance culture, privacy and the real time city. Stanza has been exhibiting worldwide since 1984. His artworks have won twenty international art prizes and art awards including:- Vidalife 6.0 First Prize Spain. SeNef Grand Prix Korea. Videobrasil First Prize Brazil. Cynet Art First Prize Germany. Share First Prize Winner Italy: Stanzas art has also been rewarded with a prestigious Nesta Dreamtime Award, an Arts Humanities Creative Fellowship and a Clarks bursary. Numerous commissions include work for Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Watermans Art Centre, FACT, and the Open Data Institute.


Stanza ,  The Binary Grafitti Club artwork, code, 10101. agency

Stanza ,  The Binary Grafitti Club artwork, code, 10101. agency

Thanks to support from:-



Thanks to Legnica Cantat and Vocalis Ensemble Dresden who performed in Poland
Thanks to Laura Bradshaw: Cardiff Canton Singers, Newport Mind Singers, Oasis World Choir, Chapter Singers In Wales
Thanks to Diffusion for production in Wales.
Thanks to Cynetart for staging in Germany and Vocalis for singing.
Thanks to Barbican Centre for staging workshops and spray in.
Thanks to ACE Arts Council England and arebyte for V4.
Thanks to Curated Place for Aberdeen Branch and The Global Derive V3
Thanks to Lincoln and all the volunteers V2 and Fequency Festival.
Thanks to Liverpool Free Runners for V1 and FACT.

All artwork and concepts © Copyright Stanza. All rights reserved.

If you take images the credit line is:- Artwork by Stanza courtesy The Binary Graffiti Club.